Sucessful Businesswoman, Candidate for CT-03 Margaret Streicker Slams Sen. Bernie Sanders Shameful Attack on AIPAC Calls on Rep. Rosa DeLauro to Condemn His Remarks

Contact: Sarah Jorgensen

Milford, CT – Successful businesswoman and Republican candidate for CT-3 Margaret Streicker offered the following statement on Sen. Bernie Sanders attack on AIPAC:

“AIPAC is a bipartisan organization actively working on both sides of the aisle to help secure peace in the Middle East. AIPAC has often been the target of anti-semitic fringe groups; however, to see a sitting U.S. Senator and front-runner for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States use his platform engage in such attacks is shameful,” said Streicker, “That’s why today, I’m calling on Rep. Rosa DeLauro to condemn Sen. Sanders offensive rhetoric.”

“While the Israeli-Palestinian conversation is extraordinarily complex, Bernie Sanders’ decision to attack AIPAC is simple – both offensive and outrageous! If Sen. Sanders thinks that such a tense, decades-long geopolitical conflict will be solved with divisiveness, he is sorely mistaken,” continued Streicker, “At a time when politics divides us, AIPAC is dedicated to bringing Americans together to support a common objective of a strong USIsrael relationship. Our country needs leaders who will work with those who have differing opinions, leaders who can build consensus. Hopefully Sen. Sanders will learn from this egregious and offensive err in judgement, though I won’t hold my breath.”

Margaret Streicker is a single mother of four who has built, operated and owned several successful real estate companies. Streicker also teaches graduate students about entrepreneurship and serves on several religious and charitable boards. For more information about Margaret or her campaign for Connecticut’s Third District in Congress, please visit